Production Management

ebooks In recent years, the publishing industry has changed dramatically. For some time now, new media, new publishing formats and new products have redefined both thought and doing business. New challenges to the planning, preparation and production of traditional print books and journals as well as to their electronic equivalents require the modification of the processes that produce them, which is not always immediately possible. At the same time, the “classical” method of producing these products cannot be ignored. With this in mind, ever more publishers are deciding to continue to concentrate on what is essential: good content and the right concepts.

L42 offers publishers and others active in the publishing field the technical as well as administrative possibility of entrusting jobs to experienced partners throughout the preparation and production process.

Not only for Publishers

Data Processing In today’s environment, content is offered in various forms and in the meantime electronic media have become a part of everyday life. This provides publishers with a wealth of opportunities, but presents great challenges as well. L42 AG offers publishers a wide portfolio of services and technical solutions so that they can operate successfully in this extremely interesting field.

Take your processes to a new level! Automated content cleanup (technical copyediting, L42 WordCleaner), automated workflows (PDF, typesetting/layout, ePub), automated conversion of image and graphic data, structural and content-related quality assurance (Word, XML), channel-neutral data structures (L42 Meta XML), interfaces for CMS systems (L42 middleware), DTD/Pattern-Preparation, XSLT-Development, E-Book-Preparation, Content-Processing for Apps.

Production Management We have been working with German and international publishers for over 20 years and are therefore well-acquainted with the challenges of the industry. With the right mix of dedicated staff, professional expertise, technical tools and a great enthusiasm for every kind of publishing, L42 offers flexible and scalable solutions to meet both classical and emerging challenges from the publishing world.

Take your publishing processes to the next level! We will show you how in a no obligation consultation meeting.

Production Books and Journals
We currently produce close to 55,000 pages a year of top-quality designed books and journals. On the one hand we cover the entire spectrum of classical prepress operations including image processing and reproduction, and on the other – from the very beginning – focus on structured workflows (XML first, XML last) as well as on other output channels such as epub, iBook and online portals throughout all phases of production.

Output Automation With our MS-Word Templates and the L42 Publishing System, we are able to offer you highly formalized and validatable workflows thanks to which well-designed projects up through and including publication can be processed fully automatically.

Process Optimization At L42 we are interested in making our clients’ everyday life easier and therefore offer well thought out and flexible solutions which can be deployed, at times locally, to the cloud. We simplify the processes and workflows with the greatest customer relevance without ever losing sight of usability or user acceptance.

We take into consideration existing structures and optimize processes without immediately turning them upside down. In order to achieve this we analyze your current workflow, data structures and process management. On this basis we then conduct a feasibility study and create a concept for long term optimization that corresponds to the individual objectives of your company

Our Philosophy

Work processes are becoming ever more complex, delivery times ever shorter and yet the error rate must be as close to zero as can be. A classic conflict that, unfortunately, we too cannot completely resolve. But together with you we will seek out the right product-related workflows, control mechanisms and strategies in order to make a long-term balance between quality, speed and cost possible.

We examine each and every one of our clients’ wishes in terms of feasibility and, in the case of any doubt, also provide them with the unpleasant findings. Open communication is important to us, both internally and externally. First and foremost, we are here to optimize your workflows, and not our revenue. This is the only way a long-term and reliable partnership can function.

The interaction of various fields in simultaneously flat hierarchies creates synergistic effects that are often uncommon in our market area. Our specialized staff offers data conversion, development services, prepress, editing and external production management.

Specialized Services

Outsourcing Service Contracting, Outsourcing & Coordination
Here at L42 we know that economically priced offers, from Asia, for example, can make the realization of crucial projects possible – and despite a lean budget. But there are also risks. How can you find the right – and trustworthy – partner? How can you be sure that communications – considering the great distances, time differences and potential cultural and linguistic barriers – will go smoothly? And how can you be sure that the quality of the results will meet the requirements of the project and its systems in a timely fashion? Here too publishers can build on our expertise and rely on a wide-ranging portfolio of long-proven results.

L42 assumes responsibility for the entire execution and coordination of outsourcing-projects – quickly, predictably and in a streamlined manner. Through smart solutions for the assurance of quality, we guarantee that the results will meet your specifications.

Analyse With their highly efficient programs and routines, the L42 SolutionCloud can be used flexibly and multilaterally. In addition to automated layouts, conversions and data optimizations, our solutions are employed for the calculation and visualization of complex data. Building upon this base we offer you various services concerning financial mathematical analyses, data collection and case intelligence. Among our clients we count not only publishers, but businesses and firms from the world of manufacturing and law as well.

Konvertierungen We configure diverse conversion processes for our clients. This can be anything from simple texts to structural transformations, which are automatically carried out on our servers. However, it can also be an issue of complex, multi-stage processes that come directly from our client system or from a mixture of manual handling and automated interim steps.

One example of a mixed conversion and proof process is the transfer of the annual financial statements and corporate reports from listed public holding companies in diverse formats like Word, Excel, PDF, or InDesign into standardized XML for mandatory publication in the Federal Gazette. Here we work on behalf of investor relation firms for end clients including Hoenle AG, Delticom AG, Alba SE, Schumag AG, Patrizia AG, 3U Holding AG, Uzin Utz AG, as well as many others.

Our Customers