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Proven service has a new name

As of 06.01.2015, L42 Media Solutions ceased to exist and became L42 AG. We invite you to become familiar with our current and most recent range of services for publishers and others active in the publishing field.

Ask us
We like to follow up words with deeds! Do you have structured data you would like to publish in a particular form? Do you want to restructure or enrich content? Just ask! We will show you all the possibilities our workflows can offer and how quickly and effectively they can be customized.

  • Production Management

    We have been working with German and international publishers for over 20 years and are therefore well-acquainted with the challenges of the industry.

  • Services Procurement & Coordination

    We take on the complete processing and coordination of outsourcing projects – quickly, predictably and in a streamlined manner.

  • Data Processing, Conversion & Structuring

    We offer a wide range of services and technical solutions for the collection, structuring, overhaul, conversion and layout of data.

  • L42 SolutionCloud - L42 Workflow Server

    Outsourcing of multilevel process chains and conversion processes on our server. Connection to your system landscape. Use the conversions you really need 24/7.

Your contacts, however, are still the same

  • Volker Leins
    Volker Leins
    Managing Director
  • Loredana Leins
    Loredana Leins
    Managing Director
  • Jo Nagel
    Jo Nagel
    Production Services
    T. +49.30.827979.20
  • Thomas Hasirci
    Thomas Hasirci
    Technical Copy Editing & Proof Reading
    T. +49.30.827979.22

3 Steps to a Win-Win Solution

1. Needs Analysis

We know that before we can offer you the appropriate solution, we have to pay close attention and listen to what you have to say. Therefore, we would first like to get to know where you stand, how you work, what works well and what could perhaps use a bit of improvement.

We analyze your technical and personnel possibilities and then create a concept which adequately reflects the actual state of your infrastructure and optimally integrates your present service provider.

2. Process Optimization

We design intelligent solutions for your processes and are responsible for their technical realization – transparently and comprehensibly.

We connect your system landscape to our conversion and publishing system – flexible and scalable. And we offer open interfaces which allow access to your service providers and then deliver the necessary modules as required – open source and editable.

3. Support

Through practice-based training, we reveal how structured workflows and modern processes can be both easy and fun.

After the introduction of new processes, we will provide you with guidance for as long you like and offer custom tailored support with quality control– quickly and competently.

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